"Working with Kristin as my Christian Life Coach has been an eye-opening and liberating experience. Our interactions enabled me to achieve goals and learn my own best methods for progress. She has helped me see the hand of God in my value, uniqueness and strength as I pursue my goals. It’s so important to have accountability in goal setting, but Kristin is my coach, cheerleader, sage and partner in Christ. She brings to the coaching relationship an energy and grace that makes you want to brave the God-sized dreams buried inside each of us."


"Kristin helped me to focus in on my goal and encouraged me step by step. Her love for the Lord shown through her coaching style and was always uplifing.  I so appreciate her love for the Lord and the depth of her faith, it shines through her coaching."


"The Revelation Wellness class changed the way I have thought about food and weight loss for 30 years. God really wants to love us into good health. His desire is for us to overcome daily our long held emotional triggers by consuming more of Him. His Word is the key to knowing the ways of empowerment he offers us as his children. The growth I experienced from taking this class covers so many areas of my life - I will look back on it as a pivotal moment in my spiritual growth and my weight loss journey."


"Prior to the Wellness Revelation, I had spent the last four years struggling with finding balance and feeling whole with nutrition and fitness.  It seemed like a constant battle with my body in fluctuation in my weight and feeling so defeated.  Having gone through the Wellness Revelation study, my eyes have been opened to how I had been sabotaging my own best efforts to control my weight.  I have found true freedom from the need to control.  When I listen to the Holy Spirit as well as my body,  I can have true freedom and feel whole.  Kristin's approach with this study has brought me a peace that I have not ever found in trying to figure out the underlying issues on my own."


"I joined the Revelation Wellness program with the idea I was doing it to improve my physical health; what I found was so much deeper. Several weeks into the program I found myself being freed from the psychological and emotional bondage I’d been carrying for many years. During this time I finally felt worthy and capable of genuine love and emotional wellness. Ironically, my first love had been trying to date me for a few months, and I finally said yes. He’s truly the love of my life and I couldn’t have learned to accept his love without the breakthroughs found through this program! Kristin was amazing and was super consistent in our weekly online meetings. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone!!!"


"I feel God’s presence so much more in my life. I am more aware of it and how much he has really been with me in all that I say and do.  The Wellness Revelation group has made me see all of the wonderful things he really has done for me and how I can truly trust him with anything and everything.  Love and grace have been given to me over and over and over.  I feel blessed and loved."


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