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Allow me to introduce you to Keys of Wellness...I will use this space to share my favorite resources and tools, to help heal your body. I love to go root deep, creating a strong foundation for your body to build upon (no "slap a bandaid on it methods" shared here).  These resources are tried and true, what I like to call "Back to the Garden" blessings! 

I have been on a journey the past several years to heal several Autoimmune issues, working along side a local Christian Naturopath. 


On this path to healing, I found that the symptoms and illnesses I carried were birthed through trauma growing up (who knew??). Traditional Allopathic doctors rarely went root deep, I was just put on more and more RX's/offered surgery. 


So thankful to share I have been RX free for the past couple years - God has solutions for us, we just need to look beyond and have an open heart. I know in my heart that there are parallel systems being built in many sectors, to truly help people. Thankful to be one of the solutions in the HEALTH CARE sector, to come along side others on their WELLness journeys. 


I am Certified as a Revelation Wellness Instructor and also a Health Coach through Trinity School of Natural Health. I look forward to working with you...I currently offer 1:1 Coaching and also Group Coaching. Please contact me to learn more and schedule your BREAKTHROUGH sessions.